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(Above photo from Victor Model Products)


Victor  Model Products sells ready-to-sail RTS boats for those who wish to sail or race a radio-controlled R/C sailboat.


Complete kits (less glue and paint) are available for those who wish to build their own soling and don't want to shop around for the individual parts. Experienced builders may wish to purchase only the required hull, keel, rudder, and deck and customize the rest to their own liking and class rules.

Radio Controlled Sailboat Racing


The Soling Class is the largest class affiliated with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). It is a one-design class and the kit and Ready-To-Sail (RTS) boats are manufactured by a single manufacturer, Victor Model Products. Some local hobby shops also have kits available. The One Meter was designed to be a low-cost, kit-based one-designed class primarily targeted at the beginning Radio-Controlled (R/C) sailor. It is often the local class that beginning sailors start with and yet it is challenging enough that most advanced racers still race their Soling.


The hull, deck, keel, and rudder are made from vacuum formed polystyrene plastic. The kit comes with wood masts and booms. Only flat single-panneled sails are approved by the Soling Class.


Only two channels are used to control the boat. One channel for both sails and the other channel for the rudder. Transmitter may have additional channels but they are not allow to be used in sanctioned races.


The boat is One-Meter (39.37") long and has a minimum requirement of ten pounds.


Purchasing a used Soling allows you to start sailing almost immediatelly. You may only have to charge the batteries  and you are ready to go.

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